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The giant kōkopu

With the purchase of this chocolate fish, we’ll donate 6 cents toward saving NZ waterways.

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Fair trade - Organic

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justified & ancient chocolate fish star cluster: Give thanks this Matariki


making our new chocfish by maramataka

Thank you Aotearoa! We have SOLD OUT but making more chocfish now

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The Chocfish Thank You Pack - limited offer

THE CHOCFISH thank you pack

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Kia ora, thank you for a river full of memory

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The Giant Kōkopu

The giant kōkopu

our fair trade & organic chocolate

Our Chocolate

Fair Trade - Organic


The giant kōkopu

Our fish can save a Native nz fish

the giant kōkopu

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Upgrade your luck

Upgrade your luck

Inspirational fish

inspirational fish



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